• Words cannot express how grateful we are to Merav. She helped us to sell our condo for well above asking price and helped us find our DREAM forever home in a really tough market. She helped us prepare our condo for sale with expert tips on how to get it ready. When it came time to purchase our home her guidance helped us find our beautiful vintage home with a modern renovation and open floor plan we didn’t even know was possible. We have recommended family and friends to Merav, now considering her a trusted friend ourselves. When future real estate needs arise she will be our very first call.
    Rebecca V.
  • Merav was extremely helpful as we navigated the homebuying process for the first time. She asked all the right questions – of us as we were figuring out what we were looking for, and of the sellers agents as we were looking at houses. She also has a great team that makes the buying process fairly painless. We would recommend working with Merav to anyone!
    Drew F.
  • We had a great experience working with Merav! Merav is very resourceful and responded quickly to any questions we needed in the process, giving us confidence in the pursuit of our new home. Thanks Merav!!!
    Christine T.
  • As first time home buyers, Merav did a great job leading us through the home buying process from start to finish. And she was always glad to be with us every step along the way – helping us ask the right questions to the right people.
    David T.
  • Merav handled the sale of my estate home in Winnetka, IL in July 2020. She has been truly amazing â?? her professional knowledge, attention to detail, accuracy in all she does, punctuality, ability to listen, responsiveness â?? all traits that make her best in class, high caliber broker. She drove the transaction with command, grit, and utmost attention to me and my needs; she is a superb and creative negotiator who gets what she wants with the kindest smile on her face. Most of all â?? she is a person of substance â?? she walks the talk with unparalleled market knowledge, intelligence, integrity, and big heart. My standards for customer service are very high; and yet, Merav exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend her as I know the outcome of her work will always shine. Thank you, Merav, for making this transaction so smooth and easy. I am grateful to Didi and Doron who recommended you and I am grateful I can call you now a friend as well. Mirela Gabrovska
    Mirela G.
  • Merav was beyond helpful in getting us our first condo. We cannot thank our friend enough for referring her to us. She is hard working, dedicated, honest and just the perfect person to have on your side. Her team is AMAZING.
    Brooke C.
  • Merav is the ultimate real estate agent, sensitive to the buyers needs, her attentiveness and availability were unparalleled throughout the entire process and she was an absolute delight to work with. At the same time a fierce advocate for her clients in all negotiations with the seller. We could not have asked for a more perfect agent to help us buy our first home. We look forward to working with Merav again in the future and will be directing all friends and relatives to her for assistance!
    Hanock S.
  • I was a first-time home buyer and knew very little about the process aside from doing a few open houses. Merav asked me all of the right questions at the start to narrow things down and make great selections for showings. She pressed the listing agents on important details I wouldn’t have thought to. And when an opportunity came to make an offer on a great place, she acted quickly and nudged the process through at several points when issues of concern arose. I would have been lost without Merav’s help, but she still made me feel like I was in control of the process and I never felt any pressure at any time. And now I love my new home. Very highly recommended!
    James C.
  • We are very grateful for having Merav guide us through our first home purchase. Merav understood our needs very well, showing us only properties that would be of great interest to us. She makes her home in Chicago, and demonstrated great familiarity with neighborhoods and local housing markets, helping us understand where our bids should be. Merav is well-connected to competent and knowledgeable partners, such as lenders and attorneys, who make the process approachable for new buyers. Merav is also consummately supportive and, overall, a joy to work with. We’d be privileged to work with her again.
    Michael C.
  • Merav is the best real estate agent! This being my first time buying I was nervous and excited at the same time. Merav took the time to really understand what I was looking for and the locations I was interested in. She showed me great places and had me consider places I may not have thought of. Merav’s guidance and endless support throughout the whole process was outstanding. If you are a first time buyer or someone that has been through the process, Merav is the agent you want! she is truly the BEST!
    Debbie S.
  • When buying a house for the first time, one always worries about finding the right home, the nightmare scenarios of first time closings, etc… After we hired Merav through a personal recommendation, I almost felt bad at the amount of homes she was showing us. My wife and I felt that our caviar taste made it impossible to find a new house within our budget. No matter how much work she did for us, she always stayed positive and assured us that we would find our dream home. Well, thanks to her, we finally found that dream house which had the perfect look, finishes, and location (all within our budget). This wasn’t an easy closing given the fact that there was another offer, so we had to close quickly. To make matters worse, I didn’t have a lawyer or a mortgage broker. She basically introduced us to an incredible mortgage broker who came up with an inventive loan to reduce our jumbo rates, and an incredible lawyer that got the closing done very quickly. From the time we made the offer to the time we closed on the house, it was less than 30 days, which is amazing given that we didn’t have any of the pieces for a closing ahead of time. Every morning, my wife and I pinch ourselves to make sure that we aren’t dreaming. When Merav came to visit us for the first time, you can tell that she was genuinely thrilled for us, and it didn’t feel like we were just business clients. I would recommend Merav to anyone looking for a home, especially first time homebuyers.” Doron Friedman, Evanston
    Doron F.
  • I am delighted to have the opportunity to comment on the service provided by Merav Argov. I’m typing this in my new Chicago home, looking out my 23rd floor window with a marvelous view of the lake, Soldier Field, and the Field Museum. It’s my perfect retirement location. I’m convinced that I would never have located this unit without the commitment, information, hard work, and patience Merav provided. Especially important was her ability to ask pertinent questions and then show me offerings that were in and just out of my initial comfort zone. Through this process I discovered what I really needed and wanted. One of my best decisions in 2012 was to select Merav as my realtor. I strongly endorse Merav and recommend her to others who seek a caring, superbly qualified professional in locating their new home.
    George G.
  • Merav has been a great partner in our intense journey of home search. She supported us during that emotional period and shared our wishes, concerns and interests. Merav demonstrated an exceptional ability to truly understand our unique personal needs, to effectively filter the market inventory and to show us only relevant homes. She was very responsive, flexible and accommodating to our hectic schedules. We were impressed by her familiarity of the city, including many non-conventional information aspects of relevant neighborhoods, and with her detailed and specific market analysis. Never during the process we viewed Merav as a sales person; rather we saw her her as a fellow that shares the same goal with us: finding a perfectly matching home and get it for the best possible price.
    Nimrod B.
  • Merav came highly recommended to me from a friend who had recently worked with Merav buying her first condo. I was also a first time homebuyer so I really knew very little about buying a home when I started my search. Merav coached me through every step of the process which made my experience easy and enjoyable. She was genuinely interested in what I wanted in a home, very responsive, patient, professional, worked around my schedule and always looked out for my best interests as far as price and quality. Merav really goes the extra mile – Not only did she do an amazing job helping me find a place, she stopped by once I moved in to see the changes I had made and make sure I was really happy with it. I will work with her again and would recommend her to anyone in the market for a new home. Karen Christie, Lakeview
    Karen C.
  • We can’t thank Merav enough for her commitment to finding us the perfect house to call our home. We worked with Merav for over a year and during that time viewed over 50 properties. Her patience and professionalism were exactly what we were looking for in our search for our first home. Her advice and support during the negotiations, financing, inspection, and appraisal process far exceeded our expectation. We are extremely happy that we chose to work with Merav and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for their next home in the Chicagoland area. Kevin and Lisa Johnson, Old Irving Park
    Kevin and Lisa J.
  • It was an extreme pleasure to have Merav as my realtor and I cannot say enough good things about the process of buying my home. Every single detail was taken care of and I didn’t have to worry about anything. After hearing so many stories about how stressful buying a home could be, I couldn’t believe how smooth and efficient the closing process went. It was all due to the professional and dedicated work that Merav put in. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with her and would recommend her to anyone. Michael
    Michael R.
  • When I began looking for a condo, I had only a vague understanding of the home-buying process and a desire to get a “great deal.” I knew that home prices were low, and I hoped to find a nice place to call my own… In the current tumultuous marketplace, this naive optimism could have been disastrous. However, I was lucky enough to work with Merav as my realtor. With a depth of experience and professional contacts, Merav was able to guide my purchase through obstacles and make an amazing deal possible. She was tenacious in finding out information about prospective properties to ensure that I was not purchasing a property with serious problems (and there are a lot of those out there) and ensuring that listing agents and sellers were cooperative and communicative. Thanks to Merav, I was able to purchase a much nicer place than I would have expected and at a better deal than I could have imagined when I first began my search. Yousaf
    Yousaf M.
  • I would recommend Merav to anyone looking to buy a home. She made the process, which can be intimidating to say the least, smoother than I ever could have imagined. From the first day we met up until I closed last week, she was there every step of the way. She was always extremely detail-oriented and professional without ever pressuring me in any way. I ended up purchasing the very first home we looked at, but she continued to show me places for weeks until I finally made up my mind. She is a wealth of knowledge and will explain anything that you need to know – escrow accounts, closing, etc. She is also very assertive and will ensure you not only love your first home, but get everything you deserve. I absolutely LOVE my first home and have Merav to thank for that. Christine Henry, Wicker Park
    Christine H.
  • I worked with Merav for approximately eight months. I can honestly say that I have never worked with a more personable, honest, professional, friendly, and patient real estate agent. Rain, sleet, or snow Merav was always there to accompany me to viewings. Even when locks were frozen she didn’t give up. She took the time to drive around from store to store to find de-icer. Merav set appointments around my schedule all the while making sure that I was continuously updated with all the listings that fit my criteria. Emails, phone calls and texts were promptly responded to (within 5-10 minutes). Merav quickly learned the type of properties I preferred and at times when I became frustrated she would not let me settle until I found an apartment I was happy with. When I finally found a place that I was happy with, Merav guided me through a process. Through her hard-work and diligence I was finally able to close on my apartment. Out of all the apartments I viewed along with Merav’s patience and knowledge, I know that I acquired the one that was best suited for me. Merav I can never say thank you enough for guiding me through this huge process. I absolutely love my new condo and I owe it all to you. Even though I am quite sure Dream Town Realty has many hardworking professionals, I am positive I worked with the best. I encourage anyone seriously considering purchasing property to contact Merav Argov of Dream Town Realty; and will assure you will get the best services. Kathy Thomas, Rogers Park
    Kathy T.
  • I found Merav Argov purely by chance. Terrified of the logistical nightmare of purchasing my first condo, I attempted to do some internet searching independently. In no more than a day and a half, I was left frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused. That’s when I stumbled upon Merav Argov, whose name was attached as one of the realtors for a property in which I was interested. Although the property ended up being the wrong choice, Merav was undoubtedly the right one. Since this was my first home purchase, I was completely ignorant of the process. I was also clueless about the kind of property that’d be right for me, the location that would suit me best, and even my budget. Chronically indecisive, I knew that I would be a realtor’s worst nightmare. As the first step in the process, however, Merav was able to walk me through the plethora of intimidating decisions so we were able to look for homes that fit perfectly within the scope of my wants, needs, and budget. She made time to show me many different properties, and made appointments to fit my schedule, even if it ended up being inconveniently on a Sunday or a later evening. By the end of my home search, I felt confident that I had seen the full gamut of available properties. Although I found my future home early in my search as only the third I’d seen, Merav made sure to show me more properties. This made me really comfortable making the decision to move forward without the fear that there was perhaps something better out there for me, or that I hadn’t seen enough properties to make such a substantial decision. When I finally did find the place that was perfect for me, I was both excited and terrified. A first time homebuyer, I had literally hundreds of questions. Although my mid-twenties budget was small, Merav never treated me as a second-class client, and always made time to patiently and kindly respond to my concerns, even if that meant time-consuming phone calls and research. I emailed and called Merav almost daily with various inquisitions, yet Merav was always happily available to help. When it came time for the logistical nightmare of home-buying, Merav was even able to make many helpful recommendations about additional personnel to help with processes such as the inspection and the closing. These individuals were not only just as helpful as Merav, but also saved me an incredible amount of time and money since I did not have to do the painstaking search for them myself. Right before my closing, there was an issue that arose involving a complication with the seller. Because this delayed my closing date, I was overwhelmed with the sudden change in moving day, confused about what was going on, and incredibly frustrated. Although the situation was certainly not ideal, Merav and others she had recommended stepped in immediately as advocates on my behalf, spending innumerable hours dealing with the predicament, and ultimately expediting the process to alleviate additional stress for me. The seller certainly didn’t make the process the “first time homebuyer’s fairytale,” but thanks to Merav, I walked away from the experience thrilled with the result. I couldn’t be happier in my new home. I occasionally still contact Merav with a question, and even though it’s been over six months since I have officially been her client, she never fails to happily respond almost immediately. She is truly a pleasure to work with, and I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor for my first time home-buying experience. When I eventually choose to move again, I plan to contact Merav to help me in the process. Erin Leuschel, Uptown
    Erin L.
  • I am extremely grateful I crossed paths with Merav during my home-buying process. I can not even imagine a more perfectly seamless experience than what she provided. From the first online search to the closing table and beyond; I had a realtor by my side that was supportive, patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. On top of all of this, she also connected me with a first-rate team of other professionals for my real estate deal. I have spoken with many recent homebuyers, and I have yet to hear of an experience as positive and rewarding as mine. If you want to work with the best, I highly recommend working with Merav Argov of Dream town Realty!Christina Gay, Irving Park
  • The Merav experience was the best ever in looking to purchase an expensive jewel, her preparation, groundwork, and research of our needs and visions and then presenting only the assured matches, asking and encouraging us to look at all aspects of a property while not being afraid to lose a deal when she saw a flaw we did not see, being unfamiliar with the city, she took us around the neighborhood to sense the kind of location prior to showing, letting us feel and see the house from all angles, at the end it was FUN and we recommend Merav to whoever wishes to buy a home, who does not want to waste time but get the desired dreams.
    The Does Family
  • Merav has been a great help in walking me through the process of buying a new home. I am a first time home owner and was moving from San Francisco to Chicago. My plan was to be in escrow before the move and close before the first time home owner tax credit expired, therefore over 2 long weekends of traveling between the 2 cities, drinking a lot of coffee, viewing many condo units initially in few different neighborhoods and seeing 4 condos a second time…we found the condo that was right for me well within the timeframe I had planned! Being new to the city Merav was also able to refer me to a fantastic inspector, attorney and moving company. Merav went above and beyond standard realtor duties and I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a new home!Nikki Sidney, Uptown
    Nikki S.