Photograph of Dream Town agent Merav Argov

Merav Argov

Bringing nearly two decades of creative insight to Chicago’s real estate landscape, Merav maximizes her clients’ potential and gives them a competitive edge in each transaction. With her extensive local knowledge, tireless persistence, and unwavering ethics, she has built a robust client base through repeat business and referrals.

As a Chicago resident since 1998 and an urban researcher, Merav is an expert on the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Leveraging her experience as a real estate investor throughout the metro area, she provides buyers, sellers, and investors with a unique perspective for smart purchasing decisions.

Upholding a commitment to excellence, Merav ensures every client has a positive experience. Whether you’re buying or selling, her broad expertise will prove invaluable during your property search. With her background as an educator, program director, and consultant, she understands families’ needs well and can guide them to ideal Chicago neighborhoods.

Beyond real estate, Merav is fascinated by the relationships between people and the built environment. She holds a UIC adjunct lectureship and graduate degree in Urban Planning and Policy, as well as an undergraduate degree in Ceramic Art and Design from Jerusalem’s Bezalel Institute. An explorer of Chicago’s vibrant arts and culture scene, Merav also enjoys running, yoga, travel, and the outdoors.

Let Merav’s creative insight and nearly twenty years of experience maximize your real estate success – contact her today!

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